BlackChiney - Baby O

BlackChiney - Baby O

BlackChiney – Baby O (Official Video)

Director: Courtney Louis
DOP: Joshua Hercules
Editor: Strato Media
Production House: Strato Media


Oh yeah – yeah – yeah – yeah
Oh yeah – yeah – yeah – yeah

Fi all ah di gyal wit di side man
Di one pon di side ah di real one
Oh baby

Come baby - Come baby O
Come Gimmie all of the love that I need from you
Baby O - Baby O
Come gimmie all of [email protected]#k that I need for you

How did I get so caught up
You got me wrapped in my feelings
One touch is never enough
Like lighter yuh burn it up
Love it when you slap me and drap me up
when mi bend mi back and arch it up
I have a man but him don’t mash it up
6 times a week that nah good enough.

You never met a girl like me
Bet you never get a [email protected]#k like this

Repeat Chorus

You want it
Mi know that
So stop playing games
My nah rate that
You want it
Yuh know dat
So stop mind mi business
Pon di snap chat
Mi love mi nah just give to anybody
And if it not you
Mi doh wah nobody
Everybody needs somebody
So mi need yuh buddy in my body

Repeat Chrous

You never meet a girl like me
Bet you never get a [email protected]#k like this

If yuh ever leave
That gone tear me up
I Loving di vibes Baby don’t give it up
Tight tight tight
Yea you know di thing buff
And it’s all yours baby that’s no bluff
Down for whatever yea no matter what
This thing is complicated but it could be worst
I will never throw you under the bus
Cause the two ah we align in the universe

Repeat Chrous

I need from you

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