The Resident season 5: will Conrad really fall in love again?

The Resident season 5: will Conrad really fall in love again?

Since the disappearance of Nic, Conrad mourns the death of his late wife in season 5 of The Resident. But then, will he fall in love again in the next episodes?

For all the loyal fans of The Resident, this season 5 has a bitter aftertaste. It must be said that the strength of this medical series was the beautiful love story between Conrad and Nic. The chemistry between the duo was incredible and the two actors managed to transport us into a whirlwind of emotions. Nic and Conrad went through many hardships, but finally managed to find happiness and serenity after the birth of their little girl. Their love was so dead, but a terrible car accident came to ruin everything. The young nurse died tragically, leaving Conrad and his daughter alone... But then, will the doctor find love again in The Resident  ?

In an attempt to soften this tragic plot a little, the writers decided to make a three-year time jump. Thus, Conrad had time to mourn his late wife in season 5 of The Resident. Moreover, it leaves the possibility of a new love interest for the single father. Of course, if Conrad had embarked on a new love story, only a few weeks after Nic's death, the fans would have cried foul... However, three years later, it seems that the young intern is ready to reopen the door to happiness and may well find love again.

Conrad in a relationship with Billie?

During an interview with TV Insider , The Resident co-showrunner Andrew Chapman said, "He can end up with someone, like not doing it. There will definitely be relationships on the table, possibilities. I don't think we're going to commit to anything, but we're exploring and Matt Czuchry takes it very seriously ." He also added:"He wants to make sure that when Conrad gets into a relationship, it's the right one and it's the right length of time. He does it like he would with his own relationship, which I love. He is very serious and very methodical about it. So there will be a whole host of people who are possibilities. And I think we're going to have a really fun time figuring out who that's going to be." Even if his future relationship won't be as intense as the one with Nic, Conrad could gradually find a smile... Maybe in Billie's arms?