Euphoria: An actress annoyed by her topless scenes, she makes a request to the creator

Euphoria: An actress annoyed by her topless scenes, she makes a request to the creator

Euphoria is renowned for its steamy scenes and nudity. Moreover, an actress made a special request to the creator to limit her topless passages.

Euphoria is the event series that unleashes passions. Season 2 made its big comeback on HBO a few weeks ago and scenes have already caused heated controversy. We obviously think of the Season Premiere, where actor Ansel Pierce revealed all of his anatomy. If Euphoria fans wondered if the actor had used a prosthesis, it is not. This scene, controversial with this "Toilet Boy" , will remain engraved in the minds. It must be said that the creator of Euphoria , Sam Levinson, is not afraid to shock viewers with ever hotter scenes  ! Nevertheless, it seems to bother one of the actresses, who is annoyed by her topless scenes.

Sydney Sweeney has asked Euphoria creator Sam Levinson to cut back on her topless scenes in season 2 of the HBO series. As a reminder, the actress plays the popular Cassie Howard, Lexi's older sister. At the start of the series, she is dating Christopher McKay, a high school football player. As her infamous sexual history continues to haunt her, Cassie and McKay break up at the end of the first season. In the Season Premiere of Euphoria Season 2 , Cassie begins a secret fling with Nate Jacobs, unbeknownst to her best friend, Maddy. This romance should spark!

A creator who listens

Euphoria is renowned for its nudity scenes , which somewhat disturbs Sydney Sweeney. In a new interview with The Independent , the actress opened up about filming Euphoria's nude scenes , and for her, some were unnecessary. " There were times when Cassie was supposed to be topless and I was like to Sam, 'I don't really think it's necessary here.' He would answer me, 'OK, we don't need it'" , she declared, before ensuring : "I never had the impression that Sam had forced me to do it. When I didn't want to do it, he didn't force me to ." The creator of Euphoria therefore listens to his team.