Most Popular Sports in Belgium




One of the most well-known sports-loving countries in the world is Belgium. More than 1.3 million people in Belgium take part actively in sports. Belgium has consistently displayed outstanding performance on the global scene.

The Olympic Games and the UEFA European Championship are two major international sports events in Belgium. The nation has taken home over 147 medals from the Summer and Winter Olympics since the Olympics' founding.

Belgium's four most popular sports are football, cycling, swimming and athletics.


Football is the most popular sport in Belgium. Belgium has several professional football teams, including the national squad and amateur clubs. More than 25,000 people attend Belgian Pro League matches, and the league's top clubs have won multiple European Cup Finals.

If you enjoy sports betting, you can place bets on these events at the best Paris Sportif Belgique websites. The Red Devils are recognised as one of the select teams that foster unity across the three Belgian regions. The national women's team, known as the Red Flames, rose to prominence in 2020 when they first competed at the European Championships.


Belgium's national sport is cycling. It is difficult to imagine a typical Belgian's existence without a bicycle. In Belgium, many individuals commute by bicycle to their jobs, schools, and grocery stores. Not to mention weekend cyclists.

Road users in Belgium have the utmost regard for cyclists. Belgians go above and above by forming a line along the bike lanes to applaud their favourite biker as they pass by, raising their fists in the air since it has become customary. The Tour of Flanders, also known as De Ronde, which takes place in spring each year, is the most well-known cycling competition.




It was surprising for Belgium to win the silver medal in the 100 metres at the 2016 summer Olympics. This occasion inspired numerous Belgians who desired to pursue their sport professionally. Pieter Timmers, a medalist with several medals and national records, showed the Belgians that nothing is impossible.

Fanny Lecluyse has been the best female swimmer in the previous 20 years, defying the odds to win more medals on the short course. After cycling and football, swimming is one of the most popular sports in Belgium.


Every summer, Brussels, a member of the IAAF Diamond League, annually hosts the AG Memorial Van Damme. The best athletes for the sport start to show up in force at this point. The Antwerp 10 Mile & Marathon and the Brussels Marathon & Half Marathon are two other notable sports events held in the nation.

The Dodentoch also allows participants to run or walk 100 kilometres in 24 hours. The Nacht van Vlaanderen, a sport version of West Flanders that is not outmoded by the province of Antwerp, also exists. This sport also includes and is acknowledged for short walks and runs. In Belgium, the Borlée family has risen to the top of the sprinting hierarchy.

Take Away

Along with the four sports mentioned above, tennis and judo are two more prominent sports in Belgium. For Belgians, sports are a part of daily life. Many top-tier sports figures have emerged from this nation. The Belgian government's construction of top-notch athletic facilities has greatly increased the popularity of sports in the nation.